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One Month FREE Office Cleaning Service

Commercial & Office Cleaning Services Markham

Save Your Time

Focus on more the more important tasks you to complete every day and let THE ZUSASHI CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE COMPANY take care of cleaning your office.

Save Your Money

Hiring a professional cleaning service ensures that your workplace is clean and all your worries are left behind. Additionally, you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your office is being cleaned and cared for by a professional janitorial service.

Enhance Productivity

Hiring a cleaning service can have a huge impact on your productivity. You can schedule your cleaning service to come every week, or you can hire one-time services for an event. Either way, you will have more time for yourself and the work you need to do.

Achieve The Goal

There is a strong correlation between office cleanliness and employee absenteeism. Studies have shown that employees are less likely to be absent from work when the office is clean. Employers can keep their staff satisfied and happy by making sure their office is tidy and clean.



We all work hard, and you deserve a little break. If you're looking for the best office cleaning service, we are your trusted partner! Our prices are unbeatable, and we come to you. We offer services like one-time office cleaning, daily and weekly office cleaning, and during and after-hours office cleaning. We even offer deep cleans! Let us take care of your office so you can focus on what matters the most to you.

We are a company that specializes in office cleaning. We have been in this industry for almost 2 decades, and we genuinely care about our clients. We take every effort to clean the offices of our clients to their satisfaction and make sure everything is fresh and clean..

Janitorial Services Markham

Our Professional Janitorial Service Risk-Free For 30 Days Just For You!

We're so confident that you'll be completely satisfied with our janitorial cleaning services, we want to let you test drive us for 30 days! If after 30 days, you're not over the moon with your experience with our professional commercial cleaning service, we will gracefully bow out.

We know that the best way to clearly show you and your office what we are about is to prove ourselves by putting our cleaning and maintenance services and most importantly our reputation for your real-life review.

Here’s How Our Commercial Cleaning Gurantee Works

We come to your office and do a walk-through with you, understanding your maintenance needs and traffic volume. We put together a scope of work with your preferred schedule, daily, weekly, or monthly. We agree on a price.

We start the office cleaning and make the required adjustments with your feedback. We continue to provide you with our best people and services.

At the end of the 30 days, if you want to continue to have us clean your workplace, that’s exactly what we do. Usually, our clients know well before that based on our customer service and professionalism and you found yourself a winning partnership.

If not, then we understand and it was wonderful to be of service and to get a chance to serve you.

The above guarantee is our way of getting a live opportunity to show you how well we do our work without any hassle or risk to you.

Our Clients Say

Please read our 5-star Google reviews to hear what our clients have to say about our janitorial services and our professionalism.

Elina V.

We really appreciate the awesome service by this team. Very professional and would highly recommend Zusashi cleaning company to others. Keep up the great work!!!

Zeeshan R.

This company is highly professional and committed to their word. They have always met the deadline. I have used these services and will continue using it, as I greatly recommend my acquaintances to also try their services.

Nellie Z.

Great service and they do a great job!  They are very conscientious and pay attention to detail.

The Office Cleaners - Who We Are & What We Do - Office Cleaning Markham

Whether you have an office building, own a daycare, have a home office, operate a retail store, or a medical office, THE ZUSASHI CLEANING COMPANY located centrally in Markham, at Woodbine and Steeles, are the office cleaners for you.

We can provide you with thorough commercial cleaning services in Markham for your business or workplace. All our janitorial cleaning service teams are comprehensively trained, background-checked, and insured. So, you can feel happy and comfortable in your choice of the best cleaning company.

What is an Office Cleaning Service?

An office cleaning service is a business that specializes in providing janitorial services for commercial and industrial establishments, including offices.

The type of services offered typically includes general cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, window washing, floor stripping and waxing, extermination (such as insect control), and other related services.

It is believed that the first office cleaning service was established in 1883 by George W. Fuller in Chicago.

Office Cleaning Services, a Business Owner's Best Friend to Save Time & Money

Some people might think that office cleaning is not a big deal, but this is actually a huge support for business owners. It saves time and money.

There are many reasons why office cleaning services are so beneficial for the business owner. For starters, the client can save time by not having to clean their own space. The client also saves money because they will not have to spend as much on supplies or cleaning products. In addition, the client can focus more on their work while someone else takes care of the cleaning work.

How to Choose Which Office Cleaner Fits Your Needs?

Office cleaning is a job that needs to be done regularly. This can be a difficult task for many people because of the time and effort it takes to clean an office. However, with the right tools, you can find this task much easier and more efficiently.

Many companies are now hiring professionals to help with office cleaning. These professional cleaning companies have higher standards than janitors or cleaners who work on a freelance basis or are contracted out by the hour. Commercial cleaning companies have more experience, better equipment and they use better methods of cleaning.

There are many factors that need to be considered before choosing which office cleaner fits your needs: for example, the type of building, size of the building, hours of operation, frequency of service needed, size/type of company (large or small), etc...

Areas We Service

The following are the areas we proudly serve for office cleaning, janitorial service, pressure washing, commercial cleaning, and carpet cleaning.


Our Main Services


We are a professional office cleaning company that specializes in providing a wide range of services to suit your needs. We offer a variety of packages to suit your budget and needs. We have been in the industry since 2007 and have the experience and expertise to provide you with the best service possible.


We are a professional commercial cleaning company that specializes in deep cleaning, office cleaning, and more. You deserve the best. When you work with us, we will provide you with a level of attention and detail that no other company can. We are passionate about what we do and know how to make your business shine.


Warehouse cleaning is essential for companies that need a clean and sterile environment to maintain productivity. Whether you're looking for a deep-cleaning or just a quick pick-up, our company can offer the perfect service for your needs.


Carpet cleaning is a necessary part of maintaining a healthy office. It's not just about the dirt and grime that you can see, but also the dirt and grime that you can't see. Professional carpet cleaning companies use specialized equipment to remove dirt, dust, allergens, and other contaminants from your carpets.


We are a janitorial services company that provides a wide range of cleaning services to office and commercial clients. We offer a variety of packages to suit your needs, and we can customize our services to meet your specific requirements and to suit your planned expenditure.


Our pressure washing is a process that cleans surfaces by spraying high-pressure water on them. It is used to remove dirt, mold, and other materials from surfaces in your office and warehouse such as concrete, brick, and stucco. Pressure washing is also used to clean parking areas, sidewalks, and other outdoor surfaces.

W  H  A  T    I  S    D  I  F  F  E  R  E  N  T

Why Choose Us For Your Cleaning Needs?

Choose our office cleaning services to have your office cleaned by the best professionals in the business. We have a team of cleaners, who are ready to get to work anytime, anywhere. You don't need to worry about your office cleanliness anymore. You can use our professional janitorial services for all your cleaning and maintenance needs.
We offer a full range of commercial cleaning services. Our cleaning services include but are not limited to, office cleaning, janitorial service, carpet cleaning, warehouse cleaning, and pressure washing to name a few.

We Are Awesome At Our Work

We buy our products in volume to minimize the level of waste we create.
We consistently implement less aggressive cleaning approaches and products.
By properly measuring our materials, we are able to reduce the number of toxins we introduce into the office environment
We also present environmentally friendly alternatives such as steam cleaning to help the earth


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What Can We Do For You?

THE ZUSASHI CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE COMPANY is a full service cleaning service that specializes in deep and daily cleaning of kitchens, washrooms, boardrooms, and main office areas. We clean warehouses and plant areas alike. We also offer daily, weekly, biweekly and monthly cleans to suit your budget and workplace needs.



Contact us today by phone or by email for your free, no-obligation visit to your office. You will be happy you did.

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The Zusashi Cleaning Company strives to be an efficient office cleaning and maintenance company.

Without a doubt, we are your top choice for corporate and commercial, janitorial and office cleaning services.


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